Indic Android Hackathon – What can Google do for Indic?

The first ever Indic Android Hackathon was held in Bangalore on Feb 21, 2014 to discuss Indic on Android.

Multi-Lingual Web – Challenges & Opportunities

Thinking Aloud! December 2011 issue

Thinking Aloud! December 2011 issue

PS: My article was published in Thinking Aloud! magazine (December 2011). The entire issue focused on Indian languages on the internet and mobile.

India has about 100 million desktop & 50-150 mobile internet users. These numbers vary depending on whom you ask. IAMAI’s recent report says 18 million use the internet in India on a daily basis. Clearly we have a long way to go to make this ‘daily’ number bigger.

One of the reasons I constantly hear from people are – Indians are not going online because Internet is for English speaking elite user base. There isn’t enough content in Indian languages for the masses to be engaged on the internet. Yes, this is true when compared to English language but there is sufficient language content to keep a user busy.

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Immortalizing Narayan Murthy: Should he create Murty Indic fonts?

Saturday editions of Mint are always special. Today’s article “Back to the future” caught my eye which mentioned Indic fonts (Indian language fonts). Even though I do read several newspapers (online/offline) I somehow missed the news in September about The Murty Classical Library of India (MCLI).  The MCLI project was set up in 2010 with a gift of $5.2 million (approximately Rs. 25.5 crore now) from NRN’s son Rohan Murty. MCIL will release its first set of six Indian classics translated into English in 2013.

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Indian language keyboard options

One of the things I often hear from the VC world about the Indian language space is – UGC is lacking, entering text in languages is difficult.

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