Opensource database MySQL valued between US$600 million and $1 billion :-)

MySQL is by far the most popular opensource database used by techies. It has proved its robustness over the years. It may not have all the features of Oracle but most of us don’t need all the features commercial databases have to offer. How many of us use the advanced features in our mobile handsets? I bet very few. Infact few of the new models from Nokia have “fewer” features when compared to its predecessors.

Early this year I read about MySQL preparing to file for an initial public offering. This is not the first time an opensource product has gone for an IPO, RedHat went public a while ago. I personally have been working closely with RedHat Linux and MySQL for a very long time. Never had serious issues with both products. Few name brand users of MySQL,

MySQL is a great database which is designed for web applications. Their only competitor in the Opensource world is Postgres but MySQL seems to be far ahead in that race. Yes, yes..I know there are other opensource databases but most web companies use MySQL and Postgres.

So if most of us are using MySQL for free how is that the company is being valued at $600m to $1b? Well, they run a lean company (many work from home) and large companies have been paying them for support. Should users of MySQL be worried about MySQL going public? Ideally shouldn’t be a problem because we haven’t seen any problems with RedHat – they have a free product and a paid product. Enterprise versions of the OS is worth paying for, so something like that could happen with MySQL. Few years ago Oracle did attempt to acquire MySQL but MySQL managed to resist that takeover (thank god).

I hope MySQL has a great IPO as they have helped many techies to have a great livelihood.


  1. vaishali says:

    MySQL is a great database which is designed for web applications. for small companies its prety cool i came to know about ur site by

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