Will Satya Nadella do something about Bing?

All news channels in India yesterday were clogged with Satya Nadella’s appointment as Microsoft’s CEO. The impression few TV anchors give you – they have known Hyderabad born Satya Nadella since his childhood.

Very few had heard of Satya Nadella before. He’s currently responsible for a huge, largely invisible part of Microsoft’s business.

A big congratulations to Hyderabad Public School and Manipal Institute of Technology – their alumnus has made them proud.

Yesterday night I switched off the TV the moment I heard his name dragged into Andhra Pradesh state bifurcation (Telangana) – I did not even attempt to be curious on why somebody who is thousands of miles away from Hyderabad is being dragged into this issue.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to start tweeting

Image courtesy: Oneindia.in

Free advise on what he should do in Microsoft is flowing everywhere. Doubt he will pay attention to any of those articles (including this one!).

It is definitely encouraging to see someone not from the IIT, IIM background to have reached that position. Don’t get me wrong – I work on a daily basis with folks with IIT background – I am very happy working with them (assuming they feel the same about me even though I don’t have that background!).

Few interesting articles,

The Indian Angle

Work Related

Challenges For Satya Nadella

Would be interesting to see what these same journalists will write about him after 2014 Q1 results.

Will Bing Get His Attention?

My friends in the US say Bing is reasonably popular there, but in India I think it is zilch, almost unknown. Bing has huge problems, it just doesn’t crawl Oneindia.in fast enough. Not sure how many people I have interacted with about the “crawl” issue. Yes, their webmaster tools seems to be improving a lot but the product has a long way to go when compared to God (I mean Google).

If media reports are to be believed cloud computing is top of his list.

Microsoft’s first promotional video featuring Nadella is hosted on Google’s Youtube,

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