Broadband statistics in India for 2010

In general I feel we don’t have easy access to useful data in India yet, especially for the internet segment. But we have come a long way though. Medianama, IMRB, BusinessWorld books have been doing an exception job in releasing research reports.

The latest report from IMRB “Digital Divide to Digital Dividend” has an interesting summary of broadband usage at homes & enterprises in India.

  • By Dec 2010, India had 7 million broadband connections, expected to grow to 214 million by 2014.
  • Broadband connections in India, over the last four years, have been are increasing at a declining rate: the compounded annual growth rate has gone down from 77.77 percent for 2007-2008 to 57.16 percent for 2009-2010. (source Medianama via RTI)
  • The combination of Maharashtra, Mumbai and Goa has consistently had the highest number of broadband connections in the country (source Medianama)
  • Delhi, in terms of growth, has underperformed other states: between 31st October 2008 and 31st November 2010, it was overtaken by Karnataka (including Bangalore) and Andhra Pradesh (including Hyderabad)
  • Andhra Pradesh has shown spectacular growth: it’s broadband base grew by 147.65%, even with a high base.
  • Kerala has the highest number of rural BSNL broadband connections, as well as the highest percentage
  • Rural broadband seems to be finally taking off in India.

Total Households
~ 229 m
Total Population
~ 1140 m
Total Enterprises
~ 7.4 m
Desktops and Notebooks
~ 7.8 m (3%)
Wireless Devices
~ 404 m (38%)
With Devices
~ 3 m (41%)
With Internet
~ 4.8 m (2%)
3G-capable handset
51 m (5%)
With Internet
2.1 m (28%)
With Broadband
~ 1.9m (1%)
Mobile Broadband
~ Almost nil
With Broadband
1.3 m (18%)
% has been worked on basis of total households/enterprises.
Devices refers to desktop/laptop.



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