Obama to free up 500 Mhz spectrum for wireless internet

According to the press release from White House, Presidential Memorandum: Unleashing the Wireless Broadband Revolution, President Obama has signed a memorandum in support of freeing up 500 MHz of spectrum for mobile broadband services.

Wireless internet is being taken very seriously by the current US administration to increase the internet usage in the US. The US govt firmly believes the internet will crate opportunities for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

It makes such a huge difference when the govt believes in the internet, they take interest in making it a reality. US too has the same problem as in India: spectrum allocation. The US govt is taking steps to ensure wireless broadband gets access to 500 Mhz spectrum over 10 years suitable for both mobile and fixed wireless broadband use.

To get access to 500 Mhz reallocating and reapportioning spectrum will be need to be done. Of the 500 Mhz, 220 Mhz currently is used by agencies of the federal government. The broadcast television industry in the US needs to give up 120 Mhz, not going to be easy as the US television media is powerful. Wireless companies are willing to pay billions for that 120 Mhz spectrum.  Chances are the US govt could get inspired by the recent success of BWA auction in India for $8.25b.

The press release clearly lays out the responsibilities of various US departments for this task. And they need to have a plan by October 1, 2010.

I wish the Indian govt too gets aggressive like the US govt.  We have seen some hope for the internet community in India with the 3G and BWA auction going very well in India recently. Things will roll here too, some day.