PC sales in India up by 26% in Q3, but what about broadband?

Some encouraging numbers of PC sales in India (ET) for Oct-Dec 2009 quarter,

  • 25.7% yearly growth in PC sales (compared to Oct-Dec 2008)
  • HP (16.2%) leads the race, followed by Dell (13.6%) and Acer (10.4%)
  • Desktop market share: HP, HCL, Acer
  • Notebook market share: Dell, HP
  • Of the total 1.97m units sold, desktop account for 1.27m  & notebook accounted for 0.69m units.
  • The market saw the peak in July-Sep 2008 (2.26 million units), dip in Oct-Dec 2008 (1.56 m units)
  • Home PC shipments saw an impressive 38% growth in year-on-year (Oct-Dec 2009 Vs Oct-Dec 2008)
  • Overall sales of PCs for 2008-09 was 6.82m, for 2009-10 it is expected to be 7.3m (a 7% increase)

We should compare this with how the internet user base has grown for the same period.

  • In India 256k is considered broadband, the Netherlands is about to get 1 Gbps broadband connection! (jealous!)
  • Total broadband connections: 1.3m (March ’06), 3.9m (March ’08), 5.65m (Jan ’09), 7.83m (Dec ’09), 8.03m (Jan ’10), 8.1m (March’ 10)
  • The ratio of business & home broadband connections is almost 50:50.
  • 2008: In India, under 4% of broadband users have 2MB


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