Bangaloreans condole Michael Jackson’s death (bizarre)

Michael Jackon

Last Saturday media companies got one topic which got them the necessary TRP / page views – Michael Jackson’s death. I think the pop singer was full of controversies (yes, he was a great singer, no doubt but he was a freak). I was surprised to note how Bangaloreans chose to condole his death,

  • The photo you see is a condolence board kept at the corner of CMH Road and 100 feet in Indiranagar. People have been writing for the last few days on this ‘open’ condolence book (open source I guess!). What happens to this board later? Will it be sent to Neverland? It will ‘never’ reach there.
  • A photo in Bangalore Mirror showed the students of Mount Carmel college standing for a minute of silence to condole his death. Crazy in my opinion.
  • Dancers from the Kannada film industry went on a ‘fast’. They must be knowing MJ pretty well.
  • July 6, 2009: The Karnataka Film Dancer’s Association in Gandhinagar (Bangalore) plans to hold a 11th day death ceremony, Vaikunta Samaradhane, which marks the conclusion of the mourning period. This is stretching..

No doubt he has too many fans in India but wouldn’t it be nice to see the same kind of affection being shown for our fallen/forgotten soldiers [who return to their hometown in a coffin 🙁 ]


  1. I agreed to your blog. Specially what you wrote at last para, But we all are music lover’s & he was the king of pop, King of music, So that’s why people done all this thing for him, Even we all do for our soldiers….!

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