Children’s Day in India being celebrated on Twitter, #bachpan

Children’s Day is celebrated in many countries, in India it is celebrated on Nov 14, the birthday of India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. As kids all we got hear were some speeches in schools.

Nikhil Pawa of Medianama has been promoting #bachpan (childhood in Hindi) on Twitter for the past few days. He wanted me to change my Display Profile on @bgmahesh.

Me During ChildhoodThanks to my mom, she had filed all our childhood photos in a very organized manner. My parents worked very hard for ‘hours’ to make me smile in this photo but clearly it did not work.

I see a lot of activity of #bachpan on Twitter since yesterday and all are so excited to show their childhood photos to the world. Wonder if more of our festivals (Children’s Day is not exactly a festival) will move to the social/non-real/virtual world.

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