Class of 2010 to begin, will our kids survive the ragging?

Just few days ago an innocent Engineering student fresher Abhishek Sahai was forced to suicide. Reason – the dreadful ragging. Lately because of TV in India these incidents are getting exposed quickly. It was heart breaking to see Abhishek’s dad weep, his grief very much understandable. Every parent prays they will never be in his shoes.

Last year the unfortunate death of a medical student Aman Kachoo got a lot of attention. Why do these seniors relish the idea of pushing freshers to “death”? What do they get by humiliating these kids?

Anti Ragging Campaigns

I am glad to see few corporates like Muthoot finance carrying TV ads against ragging. Delhi govt is carrying a campaign in the local buses. There seem to be many NGOs carrying anti-ragging messages.

Home Front

This year my child will go to college. It is an exciting time for the family as we believe the kid who was born just yesterday is suddenly joining college!  But there is also some amount of fear – will ragging get to her?

I am not that scared about ragging in Bangalore because she will be a day scholar, not a hostelite. But what about scores of parents who send their dear ones miles and miles away to get them educated? Most of them come from such poor financial background, their only hope being their child’s progress. For some reason few senior students take pleasure in denying this hope.  Shame on such seniors.


Only families of seniors can reduce, if not eliminate extreme ragging. Every parent must warn their kids – ragging kids to death is unpardonable, they will disown their child if he/she indulges in such ragging which is nothing but “murder”. Next year I will warn my kid for sure.

Also, bring very very tough laws against such murders.

Peace to everyone. We pray for the safety of our kids.


  1. umang rao says:

    Whatever happened with students because of this menace will not be repeated now, we will fight, in fact we have started fighting this menace.
    I have been a part of the ‘Bus Aur Nahin’ event in Delhi, it is good to see the effort of the company they are also present on , Twitter:

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