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We recently received our first traffic violation notice from Bangalore Traffic Police Department. The notice was printed neatly in a professional manner, which is rare for any govt notice.

Notice said I could pay the fine on (they should make a valid URL, it wasn’t at the time of writing this posting).

On BangaloreOne it is very difficult to find the link to pay the fine.

Then I visited, they have a banner which clearly directs you to the Traffic Violations page – Not sure why they have a IP based URL. It should have been

Once you enter your car registration number you can pay thru a page on It required me to register, so I registered but then it should have “remembered” my car number and redirected me to the payment page. It did not. I had to start the entire process all over again 🙁

After you register BangaloreOne should send a confirmation email. They don’t.

The page which captures all the details of the notice, driver’s license can be improved a lot more.

Drivers License

Driver’s License

Shouldn’t they capture the driver’s license number? What is the point in capturing just the name and address? I can fill all bogus details.

Credit Card Transaction Fee

Credit Card Transaction Fee

Both the fields “Current Outstanding” and “CC Charge” are not editable (rightly so). But it gives you an impression that they are editable. And what is “CC Charge”? It should be “transactional fee”.

Payment Mode

Payment Mode

Shouldn’t this field be before the “transactional fee” field? They are charging for credit card transaction and THEN asking “how do you plan to pay”? The only option you have in “Pay mode” is “credit card”. So why bother to make it a drop down?

Credit Card Payment Confirmation Process

I selected Visa card for cleansing my sin (actually I wasn’t guilty, will tell later). The payment was confirmed on Why is it going to Australia? Outsourcing? And why is it mastercard site when I selected Visa? A user in India could be a little worried about this entire process (they are already paranoid about using their credit card on the net).

After the payment went thru I should have received the receipt by email. I didn’t.

But I was innocent…

Anyways, it is a welcome change to be able to pay this fine on the internet.  But the sad part is my car was never in the location this notice mentioned. We live in Bangalore East and the car never leaves that 2 km radius and the notice says we were in Bangalore South which is 2-3 hours away from my house.

The fine was Rs 100, it was cheaper to pay instead of contesting (which I would never win anyway). I would like to thank the Bangalore Traffic police for giving me a topic to write on my blog.


  1. Mahesh,
    I have seen the cops using BBs and Bluetooth enabled printers to record the details online and hand over fine receipts.
    They still don’t accept CC payments(except online).


  2. The payment gateway that the cops are using is most probably from Axis Bank. Axis Bank for some reason uses the mastercard gateway based out of Australia. Currently Axis bank charges the lowest transaction fee of 1.65% so many sites are in India have started using it.

  3. Mahesh,

    The payment system has changed, Please check the new online payment system provided using

    We at Traffic Police are evolving and trying to bring in best of technologies to enhance user convenience. We appreciate your convenience.

  4. I faced teh same problem while paying my fine online last night – the payment did go through but i didnt get any mail acknowledging this.
    The bank, however confirms the rs. 102 deduction.

  5. Thanks to the Online facility for payment of fines levied by Bangalore Traffic Police, I encountered no problem in paying the Fine & getting a valid printout Receipt.
    Since it is dangerous to reveal the 3 Digit Secret No. found on the reverse of C C, instead of openly recording this No. & seen by evrybody, it should be a masked one.I am sure Bang. Traffic pOl. will soon bide by this system being adopted by so many gateways.

  6. Srinivas says:

    This system of recording of trafic violations and sending notice for fine is an excellent system of monitoring trafic.But this is being done half heartedly.There should be as many cameras as possible,at present they are installed only few select points.Non compliance of payment of fine should attract further penalty.I am sure we all will be a disciplined lot.Signal jumping,jay walking,wrongful parking,collection of money illegally to avoid fines could be curbed to a great extent

  7. The whole link to pay the parking / traffic violation seems to be highly insecure. I was able to right click and “view source” of the payment page. Normally in any credit card transaction, one should see the SSL CERTIFICATE and that LOCK symbol in the browser ( bottom RHS in IE6 ) and on the TOP RHS near the URL in IE8. But I could not even see the LOCK SYMBOL. So the whole payment process of BangaloreTraffic Police seems to be HIGHLY INSECURE. DO NOT reveal your credit card numbers on that web site.

  8. Well friends I went to the Bangalore One web site and paid it from there. That site is secure. ( Unlike our BangaloreTrafficPolice which APPEARED SUSPECT to me…. cd not locate the SSL CERTIFICATE etc )

  9. Subrahmanya says:

    I had a bitter exoerience similar to Mahesh’s. I had parked my car just near State Bank Of India Padmanabhanagar where many others also park. There is no “no-parking ” sign on this side. On my return from the Bank within 5 minutes I found a notice from traffic police on the front Glass. It said that fine of Rs. 100/- has to be paid at police stn within 24 hrs. inspite of my old age and ill health, I went to the station specified After sufficient laspse of time one of the employees told that the computer is not working and that I may come after 2-3 days. He also advised me to ring up before coming. I could not pay the fine on line, inspite of my best effforts, Whom to complain. Even if I am prepared to pay for no fault of mine, to avoid further trouble and waste of time, I am unable to do so.Is it difficult for the Government to devise a method by which wrong notices are avoided ? Can they atleast make the process of payment easierinstead of harassing the citizens ?

  10. Here is another annoying experience, I received a letter a few days ago, 20th Nov to be precise(the postage stamp verifies that), For a overspeeding on 22 October for a fine of Rs.300, now inside the letter the notice is dated 04th November!! Also the letter mentions that the fine has to be paid within 7 days of the notice date!!!
    Irrespective, I tried paying the fine through bangaloreone website as well as the bangaloretrafficpolice website, in both the cases, on entering the notice number or the vehicle number and clicking on “Details” the website throws an error saying that the underlying connection is reset!! or “Cannot find table 0”.
    Now, I’ve been trying to pay online for 3 days from different computers/different places. I neither have the time or patience to run from station to station to pay this fine.
    If anyone knows a solution, please advice.
    Your help is much appreciated

  11. Kishore Reddy says:

    I have received a notice for traffic violation on Nov 22nd. It say ” Riding Without Helmet” on 28th Oct-2011. Actually, I went out of station along with my family during that time for 4 days, and we have retuned back on 29th of October. The day when I see this notice, I was shock for a while, and thought why the Bangalore traffic police have violated there rules by sending the wrong notice like this. I know it is no use of explaining them the situation, so thought to pay the fine on-line.
    Since 3 days I am trying to pay through Bangaloreone and and Bangalore Traffic Police sites, no use. Non of them works properly. Cheers to our Great Bangalore Traffic…

  12. I have received 1 parking violation tag yesterday. since after that Iam trying to pay the fine amount via and but unfortunately after several try i am unable to pay the fine. the both the website are not that user friendly and the help line no they are supposed to respond 24X7 . but after trying several times no one has answered the call.. its very much unexpected.

  13. I also received 1 parking violation.Just wanted to know what is the impact if fine not paid.

  14. Not sure if it is the right thing to do – one should just pay it.

  15. niranjan says:

    I have recived a noted to pay for parking nr signal which I have paid through bangalore one by using my ID. Where as I wanted to visit the city traffic police website if the payment is updated and no notice due. To my surprise the pending notice was showing some thing else. It was shown for the signal jumping at some other location of city where I hardly go with my car. I must thank the technology and advancement. I think there should be a human mind behind all these as well.

  16. Hi, Usually how long does it take to reflect the payment and to get the cases removed?
    I have paid all my fine amount in 4 different cases but still when i search I’m getting the same four cases again.
    How long will it usually take to complete the process?

  17. Just like other cases i too had got letter about the fine which i paid through bangaloreone, but to my surprise the same fine still shows, and i am sure if any time stopped by our city cops they will ask me to pay that again, we all know we just cant talk to them,rather they will not talk properly. i had to pay another parking fine which i am not able to,due to lack of time.
    its high time our govt should work on these things, they want fine to be paid but dont want it to update. and harass us later.

  18. Hi..
    I just checked the Bangalore traffic police website for any fines against my bike. I am shocked to know that there has been a traffic signal jump violation against my bike registration number.
    Well, to be honest I was in office during that time ( Friday 16.27 hrs). I find this information posted by traffic police to be incorrect. If I walk into a traffic police station, will I be entertained with a proof for this? Please do let me know,the right approach.
    Its just a 100 rs fine. However I want to know if the Cops are posting correct info. Today its traffic signal jump.. Tomorrow it can be something else..

  19. phanikrisna says:

    I paid amount on online in bangalore-one for traffic violation, the transaction success and payment debited from my bank account but still it’s showing in bangaloreone when I enter the notice number.

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