Club in Bangalore discriminating daughters?

This is election season in Bangalore clubs. Usually the AGMs and elections are held during this time of the year. I received the agenda for the meeting from one of the clubs I am member in here. Usually I don’t read it as I am not interested in the politics (surprised?). One of the items in the agenda was not just shocking but insulting to any civilized person on planet earth.

Unmarried daughters not welcome in Bangalore clubs

I read this again and again. Basically it says “an opportunity will be given to dependent sons between 25 to 35 years to use the sports facilities in the club” irrespective of whether the son is married or not. But this facility is not being given to dependent daughters between 25 to 35 years of age.

Oh, how shameful

Oh, how shameful

And why blame the state or central government for such goof ups? This is purely the fault of the club and its members. Will write to the club about this issue.

The right thing for the club to do is introduce and approve a rule which is same for a son and daughter. Period.

We Bangaloreans have such a high opinion about our city (minus the garbage mess). The city employs so many women across industries, especially IT industry but the looks like the soul of the city needs a checkup.

I am proud to say “I am blessed with a daughter”.

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