Gallery Update: Political banner typo


Long Live!

Long Live!

Bangalore roads are filled with banners from politicians and political parties. Most of them are for their birthdays and not sure why anybody cares about a politician’s birthday. I received this image from a friend..pretty funny. And we are entrusting our faith in these politicians to run the country


  1. IT is a nuisance. Each and every nook of the corner of the city is filled with such rubbish politicians just to show their dirty faces to the public and gain popularity.Every morning u have to look into these foolish fellows and your works dont happen.Early morning we get up and see God’s face, but once you leave home, u find all the stupid banners which are something like getting tortured on the roads too. The authorities have just taken money from these fellows and pretend to know nothing, whereas people driving or riding look into these banners and forget driving and collide with others, this is too much, we citizens of India having much democracy have to throw cow dungs on these banners.

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