Handmade paper is passe, go for Elephant Poopaper!

Handmade paper was a kind of fashionable while I was growing up. Just recently I learnt in Sri Lanka about products being made out of Elephant dung. The Pinnawale elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka is very similar but better than what we see in Dubare elephant camp in Coorg.

There were couple of shops in Pinnawale which were selling products made out of elephant dung. There was no shortage of dung from what I could see around that camp.

Elephant poopaper

After returning home I was browsing through the latest issue of Business Today (August 19, 2012) which had a 3 page article on elephant dung! This Jaipur based company, Haathi Chaap, makes paper of elephant poo. Elephants digest just 40% of what they eat, every 1,000 kg of dung yields around 150 kg of pulp. Hmm..their digestive system needs help.

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