How senior citizens should reject a LinkedIn invitation

My entire family has been connected to the internet from very early days (from the late 1990s). My mother was always more comfortable with technology than my father. During my days in the US, we use to communicate with family in India thru AOL Chat (remember that sound?).

My father, who passed away at the age of 88 in Nov 2016, was never comfortable using a PC. He was from the old school when it came to communicating with offices (share transfer, complaints etc). He would write the draft of the letter and my mother would use Microsoft Word to enter it. My dad would find faults with the grammar, my mom would fix it, print it and then he would sign and post it. My father got comfortable using the internet only after he got an iPad.

Getting the papers in order after an elderly passes away can be a nightmare. My father was very organized but yet I am still struggling to set things right. A few days ago I was clearing up his files and I found this note,

Declining a LinkedIn invitation

He rejected a LinkedIn invitation in a very cute way! I can visualize the expressions on his face when he wrote this.

This reminded me of his hunger to learn ‘every day’. He must have been at least 82-84 years old when he enrolled for a course in NIIT to learn how to use a PC. We discovered this fact midway thru his course! I am sure he was the seniormost in his class.

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