Movie Dil Bole Hadippa: I can relate to it

Recently I saw Dil Bole Hadippa. As usual I hadn’t read the review completely but surely I expect others to read the review on Oneindia ๐Ÿ™‚

I have always found sports related movies to be inspiring (Iqbal, Lagaan, Chak De) – it surely boosts my morale.
Movie dil bole hadippa
The movie plot is simple – a girl is very interested in cricket and she is actually a very good player. She dresses like a man and gets into the team, saves the match, few songs here and there and all ends well.

In my earlier organization, of which thatscricket was part of, it was managed by two members – both women. ThatsCricket is now Oneindia’s cricket channel.

Some time in 1999 our employees had arranged for a cricket match and I landed there only to see one of the girls was thrashing the ball all over the ground. Our boys were seen frantically running, gasping this batswoman! I asked around “Who is she? How come she plays so well?” They told me “She is Mamatha Baben, the captain of Indian women’s cricket team!”. I wasn’t aware we had such a high profile employee amongst us. Currently she coaches the Chinese cricket team.

The other team member was Niveditha Aluri who was also a team member of the Indian women’s cricket team.

When I say I can relate to this movie, I mean I have worked with two women cricket players. And they did their job well for sure.


  1. Mahesh ji,

    Mamta mam was not thrashing any ball during that game, she was just playing role of dravid with Yuyi kind of guys in her team. Anyways she was good player and we are all proud of being worked together with her.

    Thanks for flashback.

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