Nasscom Product Conclave 2011: What tools did the organizers use?

The recently concluded Nasscom Product Conclave 2011 in Bangalore was a vibrant conference to attend. I got involved from August 31 when I was asked to put together a session. From that very day I saw how well organized the Nasscom team (plus the volunteers) were. Every conference call was to the point. Sharad Sharma, the co-Host, never allowed the conversations to tangent even an inch.

From Nasscom’s side I was in touch with Avinash Raghava, Regional Director, Northern Regional ( a down to earth & cool guy with immense ‘patience’). Just one day after the conference concluded I shot an email to Avinash asking him to share the list of tools they used for putting together such a brilliant event. He responded with this list in 10 minutes (totally insane! why can’t he unwind?)

I have mentioned if the product is paid or free. If a product is paid I would love to hear from others if there are any free ones available (as many small event organizers may want that information)

  1. (paid product) for project management
  2. ZipDial (paid, don’t bother to look for a free version): After each session delegates could give their feedback on the session (polling) by giving a missed call.
  3. E-Campaigner (paid) for mailing newsletters.
  4. Qontext (paid) & Google Docs (free) for collaboration of sharing of documents and various things.
  5. Insighto (paid) for collecting & analyzing surveys from delegates over the web.
  6. DoAttend (free for free events, nominal fee for paid events) for registrations. They allow credit card payments.
  7. (free) for hosting all presentations.
  8. (free) for brochures, program guide, etc. See NPC guide for a sample.
  9. (paid) for the entire scheduling of the sessions. Delegates could create an account and select the sessions they would want to attend and print out the schedule.
  10. Vangal (paid) for generating the social media metrics for the conference (from Twitter).
  11. Flickr (free) for hosting all photographs.
  12. Youtube (free) for hosting all event videos.

Please feel free to suggest any new tools one could consider for organizing an event (for the Indian audience please).


  1. Will like to give our CRM to Nasscom from next time to track participants, footfalls, queries, helpdesk & leads etc etc.

    Akshay Shah.

  2. I think Trello or Asana can be looked into as free project management tools. Have used Trello. Its amazingly simple.

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