Robin Sharma recommends 2 books and not to read news for 30 days!

Today I attended the workshop of Robin Sharma “titled” – Lead Without A Title. This was organized by RangDe, a social investor based in Bangalore working all over India. was one of the online media partners.

Robin Sharma in Bangalore

Robin Sharma in Bangalore

This is this is the first time ever I have attended his workshops but I was amazed at the excitement many in the audience had at the first sight of Robin Sharma.

I generally write down the books, movies such influential personalities recommend. He recommended two books

One of the topics he spoke about was “getting your mindset right”. One way to do it was to stay away from news absolutely for 30 days. My first reaction to my colleague Sriram Hebbar who was sitting next to me was “Will we be out of business?”. For now I will assume he meant to stay away from print & TV news  🙂


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