TataSky needs to communicate better

We subscribe to TataSky DTH at home. Reasonably happy. But I think they ought to improve in their communication a lot more.

  • After the excellent TV commercial of Safina/Airtel DTH [video], which talked about recording a program from the mobile, TataSky released a PR which said their subscriber could now start the recording from their mobile and internet. I called TataSky immediately and they said very soon the feature would be launched in April 2010.  So far it is yet to be launched. A kind of misleading PR.
  • HDTV is the next buzzword. Tatasky and other DTH vendors talk about supporting HDTV. The PR says,Tata Sky launched Tata Sky High Definition (HD) service at an unparalleled price of just Rs 2,599/-. Tata Sky HD would be made available across the country in all leading consumer electronic outlets.

    No idea by what date. But the most important thing they forgot to address is about the “existing customers” like me. Do I need to give up the existing TataSky setup box and upgrade to HDTV? Do I need to pay additional subscription fee for HDTV? Absolutely unclear.

  • For those who were using “favorite channel” in TataSky remote, it is all gone. We lost all those “memorized” favorite channels. Got to sit and program it all over again.


  1. I was wondering about that favorites thing – happened to me too.

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