Who gets how much when you buy a movie ticket in India?

Today’s Economic Times carried an article about the big hits in Bollywood, the ones that cross a minimum of Rs 100 crore ($188 m). These days crossing Rs 100 crore collection within 2 weeks has become a habit for few Bollywood stars. This article had one interesting piece, who gets how much from the movie ticket you buy.

These days many stars take a smaller fee (which is a very big amount for we commoners) and take a percentage of the collections.

Ticket PriceRs 100
Entertainment Tax @ 35%Rs 35
Net Box office collectionRs 65
Exhibitors share 50%Rs 32.5
Net collection to distributorsRs 32.5
Distribution expenses @ 5-20%Rs 3.25
Net collection to producerRs 29.25
Share (%) of producer29

A colleague commented that it is so difficult to make that kind of money in the internet space (at least for most of them). My take – Bollywood movies seem to have hit a Tipping Point, collecting Rs 100 crore has become an easy game for them.

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