WANTED: Official memorabilia of Bangalore International Airport

A teenager from Poland sent me an email today,

Dear Friend, My name is *******. I am sixteen years old and I am from Poland. I like planes and flying very much. My dream is to become a pilot in future. I send you and your airport big regards, and I have got a request: could you send me some official gadgets of your airport like pen, pins e.t.c.? I would be more than happy if you could do this Best wishes from Poland ******, my address, Debica Poland

I am sure he has Googled for Bangalore International Airport and reached Karnataka.com. I started that page because our infrastructure projects are nothing but a slippery soap. Sadly, it is not funny. In Karnataka projects took off again under HDK‘s regime (so will he continue after October 3rd, 2007? Will he or will he not? Yes..hmmm..no…aaah..yes, nah! no. Oh, I just give up guessing)

Now, getting back to the teenager’s email. Alas, he doesn’t know how complex his question is. Reasons being,

  1. We are trying to figure out how Bangalore is to be spelt. For our politicians the spelling of Bangalore is more important than educating the poor, lighting the roads in rural areas.
  2. We don’t know the official name of the airport yet. This is going to be more complex than solving a mathematics equation! Politicians would want it to be named after themselves or their mom or their village. Local crowd may want it named after a particular late film actor. Tippu Sultan‘s name was proposed because he was born in Devanahalli (the new airport is located at Devanahalli ) but was later shot down as it was shown his army had committed atrocities against few religions.
  3. Now, unless the name is finalized where is the question of having “Official” memorabilia? The unofficial ‘leaded’ version can always be bought for a lower price from China.
  4. I can take a bet our politicians wouldn’t have thought about making such items to begin with. They are busy with land grabbing, causing differences between religions and Zzzzzzz. Chuckle! Wait, is that funny? Nah!
  5. Even if they decide we should have an Official memorabilia someone needs to decide what items have to be made. I will suggest a simple idea – form a ‘committee’ to decide what has to be made. Send them on a foreign jaunt. To avoid any controversies send MLAs from “all parties”. That way everybody gets to have fun.

Personally I think it should be named after Kempe Gowda but there are many opposing because he belongs to a particular community. Duh! How can we find a person who belongs to all communities? Wait, you can. Let us name it after a politician! In their election speech they always tell us “I care for all of you, I belong to all religions” (which translates to “I will treat you ‘equally’ – I will take money from all of you and harass all of you irrespective of your religion”)

For now the teenager from Poland has to wait..and wait. I will be more than happy to send him the “Official” memorabilia once it is actually released.

Update: (October 3, 2007)

It is heartening to see most of you want it to be named after Sir M. Visvesvaraya. One would think the choice is a no-brainer but then this will not happen as the no-brainer politician will not name our new airport after someone as deserving as Sir MV.

Sir MV belongs to the “entire” state, he has contributed to the entire state. The reason I suggested Kempe Gowda was because he is directly associated with Bangalore.

I am not for naming the airport after any film actor/actress. They are being paid well in their profession, so they are not doing us a favor. We are doing them a favor. And I am not aware of any actor in our state who is contributing “immensely” to the upliftment of the poor (in terms of education, free toilets). Actors are well aware that it is that section of the society which sweats it out to save money and watch their movies. It is high time we come to terms – yes, actors entertain us and we are compensating them. Let us stop it at that. They don’t need to be pampered. But let me also say there are many good actors/actresses in the industry who mind their own business and don’t expect any undue recognition from the society.


  1. People like Kempegowda,Dr.Rajkumar,Justice venkatachala,Sir M.Vishveshwarya etc.does not belong to certain community only .They worked for the betterment of Karnataka, Kannada people. Kempegowda was responsible for this Bengaluru. He was not a mere leader of particular community.So his name is justified. People should not bring caste and politics in this issue.I think many of Kannadings will accept this.

  2. My choice of prefference is
    1) Dr. Rajkumar
    2) Sir M. Visweswaraiah
    3) Kempegowda
    4) Basaveswara

  3. Responses to “WANTED: Official memorabilia of Bangalore International Airport”

    For this one i think the best choise of prefference is DR. SIR M Visweswaraih. Without him today Karnataka would not be like this. Without his greatest help today Karnataka woulnd not like this.

    All Kanndiga’s must be very proud about DR. SIR M Visweswaraih. In order to give him respect the air port name should be sir mv international air port.

    He is like our Mahatham Gandhi. DR. SIR M Visweswarraih – He is the best person. Not any movie actor/actors.

  4. Praveenkumar says:

    Sir M.V. Visheawahsriah,

    Thanks and regards,
    Praveenkumar M

  5. Praveenkumar says:

    Sir MV Visweshwariah
    Dr Da Ra Bendre

    Thanks and regards,
    Praveenkumar M

  6. Arent they moving the Bangalore International Airport to Devanhalli??

    If no, will there be two international airports in Bangalore??

    They should just name it Bangalore international airport instead of again creating a controversy with the names.

  7. There was one name suggested in thatskannada.com from a reader.

    “Gandhada Gudi” How nice and meaningful and no controversies 🙂

  8. Following is my preference list
    1. Air Field Marshall Kariappa
    2. Sir M Visweswaraiah
    3. KempeGowda

  9. V.S. Dimba says:

    Since Kannada language is almost endagered “Kannada” would be the right name. At least, it reminds that Kannada was once a language of this part of Karnataka. I do hope Kannada remains to be the living language outside of Bengalooru in the state of Karnataka.

    Kannada International Airport!

  10. Ravichandra.R says:

    Sir. M Vishweshwariah will be the best name since he was the great engineer form Karnataka. Let his name long live with this.

  11. Murali Hatwar says:

    Sir MV International would be the appropriate. Without him Karnataka would not be what it is. We need to respect this great man.

  12. Ravishankar says:

    1. Sir M. Visweswaraiah
    2. Sir M. Visweswaraiah
    3. Sir M. Visweswaraiah

    none other than Sir M. Visweswaraiah

  13. Karthik Chavan says:

    Architect of Karnataka Sir M. Visweswaraiah’s name is appropriate.

  14. Mahesh jayachandran says:

    My preference would be,

    Silicon City International Airport would sound good, as blr is the silicon capital of India. n it can be easily recognized by foreigners also.

    2nd perf is Name it as “Bengalooru International Airport (B.I.A)”.

    3rd pref. Sir M. Visweswaraiah International Airport or

    4th C.V Raman International Airport.

    KempeGowda . would sound interesting and good but i hate the name Gowda attached to it. (K.I.A)


  15. MOHANKUMAR says:


  16. Why controversies, like many international airports name it as

    1. Bangalore International Airport
    2. Devnahalli Airport

    See for example in Tamil Nad earlier there was something called Thiruvallur, Cheran, Pallavan, and Jayalalitha transport, ambedkar etc..all run by state transports..over a period of time due to political benefits the successive governments renameed it with many names, untimately they changed it to State Express, this express that this etc…
    So its better like our Bus and Railway stations, name it with the place where it is as mentioned above…I think many will agree with this….Do not give any room for Political leaders to again form a committee to name it at the cost of public money…after we are the one who are paying the taxes…

    this is my few paise…

  17. Bangalore is going to have its first and only INTERNATIONAL Airport ,so people choose the name wisely.Stop thinkin about actors/politicians they r not at all a option.
    Think about some good name which signifies the importance of Karnataka to the whole world.
    My options would be:
    1. Gandhada Gudi International Airport
    My other option would be
    KempeGowda International Airport
    people stop thinkin about the cast now if u go according to cast u can find hundreds of name in one cast .
    So it should be Kempe Gowda International Airport.

  18. Dr.Rajkumar International Airport..

  19. HEBBAL VENU says:

    1 KempeGowda
    2 Sir M. Visweswaraiah

  20. Hi,

    Names of the most commonly used infrastructures should not be names after any political party, political figures, actors-actresses who have family stakes (existing or future) either in politics or any industry. It has been used as a marketing stunt rather than respecting the great leaders. I would recommend:
    1. Bangalore Internation Airport
    2. DR. SIR MV international Airport


  21. It should be called Bengalooru International Airport // if at all anyone deserves to be names after the airport then it should be

    Kempegowda (architect of old Bangalore)
    Sir M Vishveshwariah ( Brainy man)

    Dont even think about actors – they have done nothing and will do nothing – Bangalore is a city by its people not actors for gods sake.

  22. Rajaesh kv says:

    Basaveshwara, because he is a tall icon of Karnataka, and please don’t confine him to a community. Other than this name, my preference would be,
    Rani Channamma,

  23. Manjunath says:

    Why not Onake Obavva International Airport?
    Looks silly right…
    Just keep it Bengalooru International Airport…I still do not understand what is bad with this!!!

  24. Chandrasekhar says:

    Visweswariya, no doubt. We could drop the \

  25. 1) nadaprabhu kempegowda international Airport is the best name because bangalore is built by kempegowda we should keep his name is very corrcect

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