Now, you can tweet in Indian languages

TweetHindiTwitter has been gaining substantial user base from India. Just a year back this article said Twitter was yet to gain popularity in India. In March 2009 the traffic from India went up by 74%, but as the comments in that posting indicates when you start from zero the growth curve always looks impressive. The profile of Twitters from India is pretty interesting.

Twitter Ranks High in India: Alexa

India ranking for Twitter

According to Alexa, India gives the third highest traffic to Twitter. Surely this is tweet-worthy news.

According to Alexa, Twitter is the 25th most accessed site “from” India. stands at #41 as of today. Oneindia has been moving in the #40-49 spectrum.

With the usage of Indian languages on the rise on the internet we should expect to see language tweets. On we get over 80% of our feedback (both email and comments) in the respective language! So there is a reasonable size of community out here who want to interact in their language.

Language Tweet Options

Recently Google released language bookmarklets, this allows users to write effortlessly in good number Indian languages in almost all popular browsers.

We at have used Google Transliteration API and integrated Twitter on our language channels. Without having to install anything additional you can tweet in 5 languages: tweetHindi, tweetKannada, tweetMalayalam, tweetTamil, tweetTelugu (apps discontinued). This supports only the phonetic keyboard and not the language keyboard. may be one of the only portals that tweets in 5 languages – i.e. every tweet of ours is in an Indian language (almost all, at times we on purpose tweet in English)

Check out my links page for few twitter utilities.

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