Alexa revamped – the site, not the algorithm

Every serious online publisher keeps track of their Alexa ranking. I use the SearchStatus add-on in Firefox browser. When I checked the detailed traffic for from this add on, it did not work today (gave a 404). On visiting alexa site I saw the entire site was revamped.

Alexa Logo

I wonder if April is the month Alexa makes a major change every year – in 2008 they changed the ranking system (algorithm)

The add-on takes me to which is broken. Ideally Alexa should have forwarded this to (Update: The forwarding has been implemented now by Alexa)

Country Wise Ranking

The presentation is nice but the country ranking is missing on the first page of your site. E.g. I cannot see Oneindia’s India ranking on It needs another click to see the India ranking, earlier we could see the first 100 sites in India (or any country)ย  on a single page, now they display only 20 sites in a page. Good strategy to increase page views ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oneindia Alexa Country wise Traffic

Oneindia Alexa Country wise Traffic

It would have been useful if they had displayed the country ranking of against each country name. For e.g. “India” should have been “India (42)” (we seem to have slipped because of Ugadi festival long weekend ๐Ÿ™ )

Update: Alexa now is displaying the country ranking on the Overview page. Cool!


  1. Laxman says:

    good. we can also increase alexa rank by using alexa toolbar. alexa track the site who are visting our site with alexa toolbar installed on their browser.

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