Browser recommendation now goes the corporate way

Which browser do you use? It depends on whom you ask. Most home users in India who are non-techies would be using Internet Explorer.

Over 50% of the browser traffic for most portals in India is from Internet Explorer, which is fine. The sad news is approx 40% of IE users are still with version 6.0. Nobody pays attention to the disadvantages of using IE 6 until God warns you.

Firefox Browser

For those who are reasonably conversant with the internet usually switch over to Firefox or Chrome. I haven’t seen a whole lot of Safari browser users on PCs. On Oneindia about 25% of them use Firefox, 14% use Chrome. Safari is a mere 3%

Since the launch of Firefox the market share of Internet Explorer has been slipping. For the first time in 2 years IE gained 0.57% share and that was big news!

IBM recently asked its 400,000 employees to use Firefox as their default browser. All new systems will have Firefox pre-installed, all vendors of IBM are being encouraged to test their products in Firefox browser. Few reasons why IBM recommends Firefox are:

  • Firefox is stunningly standards compliant, and interoperability via open standards is key to IBM’s strategy.
  • Firefox is open source and its development schedule is managed by a development community not beholden to one commercial entity.
  • Firefox is secure and an international community of experts continues to develop and maintain it.
  • Firefox is extensible and can be customized for particular applications and organizations, like IBM.
  • Firefox is innovative and has forced the hand of browsers that came before and after it to add and improve speed and function.
  • Firefox is now the gold standard for what an open, secure, and standards-compliant browser should be

So will you recommend Firefox at your workplace? We encourage our team to use all browsers. In Indian politics it is called “being secular”.

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