Internet surfing in India is usually planned, not spontaneous: Microsoft report

According to a report Microsoft and Mindshare “Living with the Internet – What is Driving Web Behavior“, spontaneous activity on the internet has halved in the last two years as consumers, conscious of the addictive nature of the web, try to stay focused and make better use of time spent online.

It is a kind of surprising but encouraging to see we are “planning” on something. We joke around on how easy we take things and just don’t plan our work.

The planned online visit pie looks like,

  • India: 72%. Only 16% prompted by an event, conversation or offline media.
  • Worldwide: 79%
  • Japan: 89%
  • China: 76%
What Indians are doing online?
  • 49 per cent to communicate with others
  • 35 per cent seek information
  • Entertainment in the form of music, video and gaming is the motivation for going online for 22 per cent of all online occasions
  • 14 per cent to create content in the digital space
  • 12 per cent for online transactions


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