Tier-II cities in India overtake cities in net usage

Today’s DNA (Nov 22, 2009) carried an interesting article “Towns overtake cities in net usage“. Few interesting findings,

  • Students from Mysore and Mangalore are more net savvy their counter parts from Bangalore
  • The results show that 90% students in tier-II cities used computers daily as opposed to 77% in tier-I cities.
  • Nearly 100% of students from Tier-I had an email account, where as 74% of the students from Tier-II had an email account.
  • 71% of the students in Tier-II cities login every day, compared to just 62% in the metros.

While just 1000 students were polled for this survey in Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore, it surely shows Tier-II user base is going to be the driving force in internet usage in India.

Only if we had a dedicated Internet Minister – penetration would have been far higher.

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