Mint – it is refreshing!

Bangaloreans recently got yet another newspaper – Mint. I must say it is refreshing. The size of the newspaper is good and thankfully it has a white background. The newspaper is unbiased and you don’t get the feeling of article s being ‘sponsored’ by the corporate world.

Initially I did have trouble subscribing to Mint because the newspaper delivery boy was reportedly warned not to deliver Mint by another newspaper. Mint’s subscription desk was very prompt in calling me every week to make sure I was getting the copy.

The team has done a good job in tagging the articles. While the concept may be old but they have surely given it a lot of prominence. One can quickly find the articles based on the Company name or People.

Recently I read an article in which they mentioned all Related Articles that were published in previous editions of Mint. But usually it is difficult to find old editions of newspapers at home. Mint has cleverly given a URL which has links to all these relevant articles. Very cool!

Mint newspaper

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