Print ad market growing in Tamil, will we see the same online?

Mint recently carried an article “Print action shifts to Tamil Nadu as advertising market grows”. Some important points about print advertising from the state of Tamil Nadu,

  • Advertising market in Tamil Nadu is booming leading to the launch of new English and Tamil newspapers/magazines
  • Maran family owned Tamil paper Dinakaran is in the process of launching its English edition.
  • Current advertising market size is Rs 1000 crore (approx $222 million)
  • Print Ad market growing 20% year on year (not sure in which other country this can be seen!)
  • All newspapers in Tamil Nadu are showing are good growth.

Even in the online world we see Tamil has a huge user base. It grows always exponentially. So far we haven’t seen the online advertising market specifically growing in a particular language. Every advertiser wants to target the niche but we are yet to see a notable growth in language online advertising – we in India for now want the overall online advertising to grow, after that we will target for the growth of language online advertising.


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