Email usage: Web-based down, mobile up says comScore

According to comscore’s latest report on Email evolution in US (Nov 2010),

  • The number of visitors to web-based email sites (gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail etc) declined 6 percent compared to the previous year
  • Email engagement declined at an even greater rate (i.e. email was not their medium of communication)
  • The number of users accessing email via their mobile devices grew by 36 percent
  • Youngsters between 12-17 have stayed away from web based email.
  • The number of 55-64 year olds accessing web-based email increased 15 percent
  • While web-based email has witnessed a decline over the past year, email usage via mobile devices has experienced significant growth, driven largely by increased smartphone adoption.
  • 70.1 million mobile users (30 percent of all mobile subscribers) accessed email on their mobile, an increase of 36 percent from the previous year.
  • The report rightly mentions – it’s now essential for media brands to have a strong presence in both arenas (PC web & mobile web)
  • Web based email saw time spent falling 9%, and page views dropping 15%.
  • Most teens in the US are texting (SMS) to communicate
Web-based Email Category Usage*
November 2010 vs. November 2009
Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations
Source: comScore Media Metrix
Email Category
Nov-09 Nov-10 % Change
Total Unique Visitors (000) 162,908 153,363 -6
Total Minutes (MM) 47,862 43,374 -9
Total Pages Viewed (MM) 44,840 38,204 -15

Youngsters these days are ‘introduced to email’ on mobile devices, unlike most of us were introduced to email on PC web.

How different would this report be in India?

  • Not every different.
  • Youngsters in India too are texting every other minute (language is taking a huge beating).
  • Teenagers ask me to communicate thru Facebook mail and not regular mail.
  • Older folks possibly write longer mails and communicate less frequently while the youngsters communicate very often, its bits & pieces (and < 140 chars!)

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