Mobile advertisers must first invest in mobi sites

These days I see some nice ads on mobile sites.  When you click on them you don’t see the mobile version of the advertiser’s site but it is the normal web site. Fail.

On a small screen or even on a Blackberry how can you consume a graphic rich site? I believe these advertisers are just wasting money because a user will never consume anything from their normal website on a mobile phone.

Is it that expensive to create a mobile site? I don’t think so. The problem is most advertisers are not willing to spend on the development of a simple mobile site but they need to realize their ad spend is being flushed down the toilet.

Within few days or a week they can come up with a simple mobi site that has the necessary information for a mobile surfer. You will surely see conversions.

Until they convert to mobi please visit our mobi site – 😉


  1. mobile websites says:

    I totally agree, and ‘’ looks fantastic
    have you seen it in the major global mobile brands list? in the news section with the major players. all with their .mobi mobile sites? looks cool

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