Mobile platform in India: Android and Facebook are the undisputed leaders

Nielsen’s report “Smart and Social: Android Phones in India” highlights the usage of smartphones in India. The two dominant operating systems on the mobile are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. For the past one year Android has grown well in India, the main reason being ‘affordable’ Android mobile phones (sub Rs 10,000 / $200) are available.

There are high end Android smartphones as expensive as iPhone but the majority go for the low/medium end Android phones. The latest expensive Android phone sold in India is the much awaited Samsung Galaxy SIII. The adoption of Android phones globally was 4 times faster that of the iPhone.

Facebook usage on web and mobile in India for April 2012 by Nielsen

Samsung has captured the Android mobile phone handset market in India competing for head-on with HTC.

Nielsen Informate analysis of social networking usage trends for Android smartphone users in India uncovered the following insights.

  1. Social Networking properties (apps/sites) are the most accessed, second only to search
  2. Facebook leads the list (88% reach), Google+ comes in at a distant second (17%), Twitter (13%)
  3. One in three Facebook users does not use any other Social Networking property
  4. The Facebook app is very sticky with an average user logging in 17 days a month
  5. While Facebook is used throughout the day, engagement levels peak late night
  6. 33% of Facebook users in India on smartphones don’t use any other social networking site.  If the parameter were to be ‘active’ user I think the percentage of Facebook users would have been far higher.
  7. When compared to the Facebook website the usage of its mobile app is far higher.

I am a bit surprised to see the high number of the reach of Google+ and Twitter. According to me, there is only a handful of high-quality Twitter handles in India. G+ is still unheard of amongst the masses. But things will change.

Will Android Fail?

A few days ago a friend in the US told me that Android may not succeed, rather it may perish. I found that to be unbelievable. I think Google will go many extra miles to see to that Android succeeds and wins. One of the reasons for this thinking is because of the many variants of Android that is floating around.

Heard many app developers are having a tough time making the app work on all variants of Android. My immediate reaction was “Will HTML5 apps not help jump this hurdle?”

Oracle sued Google for copyright and patent infringement over Google’s use of Java in creating the Android mobile operating system. Just yesterday the court ruled in Google’s favor.

Personally, I cannot imagine Android not winning the mobile OS war.

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