Who installs apps on your mobile? Many say their kids

Mobile apps are gaining popularity day by day even in India (while we still have a long way to go compared to the US). Who usually installs apps on your mobile? I think most of us in India use mobiles for texting, voice, the older generation (I am not part of it!) are yet to get onto mobile internet in a big way.

A Nielsen report says about 30% of the apps were installed on the mobile by their children.

You do see kids (17+) in India using Facebook on their mobile (not Twitter) but then 17+ can hardly be categorized as “kids” these days. Which are the mobile apps very popular in India? Must be social networking apps.

In our house I haven’t seen my daughter snatching our mobiles to install any app. This could be because she has her own handset. But she does use our mobiles to make phone calls (to save her mobile bill, which I have to pay – no choice, genetic obligation).

At times I have seen parents clueless about what was happening on their mobile. Reason being, their kid would have completely taken over the mobile (changing ring tone, wallpaper, gaming).

The day is not very far in India when kids would be installing apps for their parents (fast mobile internet/3G needs to be cheaper). All I can say to the kids is – “Kidos, please install the Oneindia app for your parents”.

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