Hindu Gods bitten by telecom revolution in India

Yesterday I was reading about Bill Clinton running for President in 2008. The banner on that page was..hmm..you decide – funny/ok/offending/tasteless.

Hindu God in Telecom ad

The banner is for promoting an atlas (was seen on http://www.theonion.com/ ). Not sure what is the exact connection with Malaria.

Google should disassociate with this image. Not good for them. While it is not a Google ad, why should they allow “Google Maps” to be used on this image?

It is ok to use religious figures but this banner gives an impression that India is only about Malaria. Frankly, I am still not able to figure out what this Malaria thing is about.

I was told the picture is about the relocation credit card call centers to India.


  1. I think this banner is pathetic — and the idea of using religion for anything other than making the world a better place is completely idiotic.

  2. L-O-L. Too bad its true.

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