Mobile’s global share of ad spend is expected to more than double by 2017

By 2017 internet will be the biggest advertising medium in 12 key markets, according to the report “Advertising Expenditure Forecasts – June 2015” from ZenithOptimedia. Internet ad spend, which will include the mobile, will be representing 28% of global adspend by 2017. The good news is that internet ad spend would overtake traditional TV (just TV sets, doesn’t include TV watched online).

There is no specific mention about India from any of the articles published, but reasonably sure mobile ad spend in India too will rock by 2017. Other highlights from the report,

  • TV global ad spend share: 39% in 2014, 36.8% by 2017 (advertisers will shift their TV ad spend to online video).
  • Online video global ad spend share: 2.1% in 2014, 4% by 2017.
  • Social media ad spend is growing at 25% a year.
  • Paid search is expected to grow 12 percent a year to 2017
  • Internet is a dominant medium in UK,  Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden.
  • The main driver of internet growth is mobile advertising.
  • Mobile ad share of the total ad spend will double from 5.1% in 2014 to 12.9% in 2017.
  • Mobile is predicted to contribute 70% of all global adspend growth over 2014-2017 period.
Global ad spend by 2017. Graphic by

Global ad spend by 2017. Graphic by

The infographic clearly shows ad spend in print medium will shrink. Print and TV is still strong in India but over time it will see stiff competition from digital medium, especially the mobile.

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