Internet user base in India swells to 485 million

India woke up today with a new statistical number – it has approximately 500m internet users.

Internet world thinks India is still ruled by the British

Agreed, India’s internet penetration is not that great but is it that low to say is an invalid TLD?

Will internet penetration growth be dampened by new tax in India?

Govt is planning to tax bandwidth providers an additional 8%. Will it dampen the much needed the growth of internet penetration in India?

Home internet access penetration in India pathetically low

Home internet access penetration in India is pathetically low but then mobile internet penetration is fantastic in India.

In 2012, 56% of the India’s online shoppers came from tier-II cities, towns

Tier-ii towns of India seem to be the only hope for growth of internet portals. For ecommerce and content we have to look at reaching out to smaller towns.