How to improve the personality skills of students in India?

Today’s Mint carried an article “Blame it on the system” which was a review of New York Times article “An Open Letter to India’s Graduating Classes“. Both articles are an interesting read and a must for parents+students. While India “produces” a huge number of graduates a very small percentage of these are employable. Many get rejected for academic reasons but majority get rejected for not having the “other essential skills”.

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Do students in India look for summer jobs?

Students looking for summer jobs in the US (and other western countries) is very common. I got a call recently from a reporter asking me how popular this topic was on our classified site

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Board exams in India are done, how to engage the kids?

Central board exams (ICSE, CBSE) have recently concluded. Kids have a good 3-4 months before their XIth grade starts. The question most parents have is “How do we keep our kid(s) gainfully occupied during this long gap?”
Kids tired after exams
Many years ago I had written about how students in US were exposed to government’s day to day operations. Not sure how many politicians in India are open to have students workings in their offices. It would be wrong to say every politician is corrupt but I guess most of them are. We would not want our kids to be exposed to the workings of 2G spectrum & other scams.

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How do you build future leaders/bureaucrats?

Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with my cousin from US. We met her family after 11 years. We were talking about  her son’s extra-curricular activities. One of her sons went to National Youth Leadership Forum in Washington DC.
National Youth Leadership Forum
His team was given a “situation” – emergency in Sudan. They had to come up with a solution. Each member was appointed as Secretary of Defence, National Security Advisor etc. The team got a chance to communicate with few “real” bureaucrats from the US government to learn how to solve these situations (not that the US has always been successful when it comes to foreign policy – Iraq, Pakistan) . I think this is a real cool idea. Exposing students to such mature topics during their childhood can leave a lasting impression on these kids.

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