PC sales in India up by 18% in 2009, but what about broadband?

I had written a similar article earlier comparing the Oct-Dec 2009 quarter. The performance report for April 2009 – March 10,

  • 8 million PCs (desktops, notebooks, netbooks) were sold during 2009-10, 18% higher than the previous year
  • For April 2010-March 2011, this figure is expected to be 9.4 million (16% growth)
  • The growth rate of notebooks has surpassed that of the desktops
  • Desktop sales grew by 5% to 5.5 million
  • Notebooks and notebooks sales together accounted for 2.5m unites (growth of 65%)
  • Notebooks have started making inroads to tier-II cities
  • The top four metros of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai an Bangalore accounted for 30% of the total desktops bought.
  • Smaller cities accounted for over 60% of the market, fantastic!
  • Number of households & businesses with internet connections grew by 17% to 10.06 million

It is good to see the number of PCs in India growing (slowly but steadily), there will be a day when most of the PCs being bought will translate to a new broadband connection (or at least a new broadband user if they end up sharing the existing broadband connection)

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