gets 9.6% of visitors for News in India

During the 3rd week of every month we get a report card of our traffic performance from comscore. We know our traffic numbers from Google Analytics but third party reports are used by advertisers to judge the performance of various sites. Recently comscore held a webinar “The Rise of India’s Digital Consumer and What it Means for the Future“. The summary of the webinar has been well summarized (or detailed) on Medianama.

  • The maximum time spent online in India is on social networking sites (which translates to Facebook).
  • India has 124.7 million Internet users as of July 2012, up from 83 million Internet users in July 2011.
  • Of this, 62.6 million Internet users are 15 years and older.
  • 75% of the Indian Internet population is below 35 years and females account for 39.3% of the total audience.
  • News and Information sites recorded 50.2 million visitors in July 2012, up from 32.6 million in July 2011. sites accounted for 9.6%

Also see Oneindia is India’s second most popular Local News Destination amongst NRIs

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