gets 9.6% of visitors for News in India

During the 3rd week of every month, we get a report card of our traffic performance from ComScore. We know our traffic numbers from Google Analytics but third-party reports are used by advertisers to judge the performance of various sites. Recently ComScore held a webinar “The Rise of India’s Digital Consumer and What it Means for the Future“. The summary of the webinar has been well summarized (or detailed) on Medianama.

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  • The maximum time spent online in India is on social networking sites (which translates to Facebook).
  • India has 124.7 million Internet users as of July 2012, up from 83 million Internet users in July 2011.
  • Of this, 62.6 million Internet users are 15 years and older.
  • 75% of the Indian Internet population is below 35 years and females account for 39.3% of the total audience.
  • News and Information sites recorded 50.2 million visitors in July 2012, up from 32.6 million in July 2011. sites accounted for 9.6%

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