Hindi newspapers have the highest growth rate

According to “Hindi Dailies With Local News Rule The Roost

  • India has almost 1,000 Hindi Dailies with a circulation of 80 million copies
  • India has 250 English Dailies with a circulation of 40 million copies
  • Hindi newspapers enjoy the highest growth rate. Reasons: increase in literacy levels and penetration of newspapers into smaller markets
  • Stock valuations and advertising rates of Hindi newspapers are comparable with those of English dailies (cool!).
  • There are lot of similarities in the front pages of English and Hindi newspapers.
  • In terms of layout, not many differences between English and Hindi newspapers.
  • The emphasis in Hindi newspapers is on the local news but in English it is on international news (we see the same pattern on the internet)
  • Sports overshadowed political news on the front pages of Hindi papers.

Local is what that will rule the internet and as we go deeper into Tier-II in India I believe local language will become a necessity and not a luxury.


  1. sourabh sharma says:

    but the fact is that most of the local newspapers are suffering because of the reducing ad budgets from government and shifting to internet for tenders.

    though lot of new ones are coming in the market, but they are not the long haul ones. so, medium to small papers are not in a very good position from private ad perspective, as the national ones choose to advertise only in the national chains like DB, Jagran etc

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