US has more women internet users than men

A very interesting report, Men Online,  from eMarketer which profiles the internet users in US,

  • 95.9 million male compared with 103.2 million female Internet users
  • Once men are online, they visit more sites and stay longer than female Internet users
  • Men are avid search-engine users and participate in all forms of social media, particularly watching videos
  • Men are more mobile, with greater use of laptops, wireless-broadband connections and mobile phones
  • Gender, even more than race or ethnicity, is a distinguishing factor of Internet use, informing online behavior and attitudes
  • For men, online shopping behavior is more goal-oriented (which matches with the offline behavior!)
  • Women abandon ad cluttered sites, men have more tolerance for ad clutter
  • The ratio of Men Vs Women in 2008 was 48%:52%  and is projected to be the same in the future

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