200 million smartphone users in India by 2016

According to eMarketer in 2014, India had 123 million smartphone users. This will grow to 200 million by 2016. India has been struggling to grow its internet penetration for years, it has been just around 10%. The growth of smartphone user base will bring in the much needed boost to the internet eco system.

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US has more women internet users than men

A very interesting report, Men Online,  from eMarketer which profiles the internet users in US,

  • 95.9 million male compared with 103.2 million female Internet users
  • Once men are online, they visit more sites and stay longer than female Internet users
  • Men are avid search-engine users and participate in all forms of social media, particularly watching videos
  • Men are more mobile, with greater use of laptops, wireless-broadband connections and mobile phones
  • Gender, even more than race or ethnicity, is a distinguishing factor of Internet use, informing online behavior and attitudes
  • For men, online shopping behavior is more goal-oriented (which matches with the offline behavior!)
  • Women abandon ad cluttered sites, men have more tolerance for ad clutter
  • The ratio of Men Vs Women in 2008 was 48%:52%  and is projected to be the same in the future

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