Wish List 2011: Indian Online Publishers

An extract of my wish list from “Wish List 2011: Indian Online Publishers

I would like to see a lot more money being budgeted for online advertising by brands. Agencies can play a big role in making this happen. Compared to TV and print, the internet penetration is less in India but surely the brands are able to reach a different niche of users on the internet. As the internet user base grows in India, we will see online advertising being taken a lot more seriously by advertisers.

The internet penetration in India has to grow a lot faster. Other Asian countries see a lot more activity on the internet because the speed and penetration are very good. With wireless broadband becoming a reality, in 18 months India will witness an exponential growth of internet users. The broadband pricing has been reducing over years but would like to see a base plan which is affordable for majority of India. That will fuel the growth of broadband usage.

While we hear a lot about mobile internet usage, the internet speed is very slow in India. 3G will be a welcome change but initially it will be used by the elite and not necessarily the masses. But you never know, we are always taken by surprise with the usage patterns. A better mobile internet usage will give a huge boost to mobi sites in India which is still in its infancy. Only after we see a huge growth in mobi site page views we can expect to see mobile ad revenues to grow in India.

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