Column: Should I buy an Android phone or iPhone?

My tenth column in “Vijaya Next” (Kannada) was about maintaining the new mobile handsets that are getting popular – iPhone and Android based phones. Main points were,

  • India has about 700 million mobile users
  • PC internet penetration is low, about 60 million of them
  • Mobile will introduce internet to most users in India (thru mobile internet)
  • Mobile internet will not “replace” PC internet. Both will co-exist & grow.
  • Need to have a good handset to have a good experience of mobile internet.
  • Android powered phones are getting popular and seem to be cheaper than iPhone
  • Don’t buy a gadget because of peer pressure. Figure out your feature needs and buy a phone accordingly
  • Both iPhone & Android phones have good number of mobile apps which make your handset interesting.
  • Most of these phones will have WiFi feature but make sure it does.
iPhone or Android?

iPhone or Android?


  1. I am looking for Android VS Symbian OS .

    Which OS Phone is best ?

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