IE6-Gmail users, time to upgrade

Received an email from Google Apps team today,

Starting on October 14, 2010, we will phase out the older version of Gmail, and the “Older version” link in the Gmail interface will disappear from the footer section of the page.

To use the standard version of Gmail, users must have any one of these recommended browsers:

Google Chrome (download:
Firefox 3.0+ (download:
Internet Explorer 7.0+ (download:
Safari 3.0 (download:
Opera 9.5+ (download:

Basically for those who are using IE6 you ought to upgrade your Internet Explorer browser. If Yahoo Mail too insists on this then pretty much every IE6 user has to upgrade, else internet will be unusable for them.

Many projects/efforts have been trying to kill IE6.

If you come across a non-techie user using IE6, help them to upgrade. I do. It sounds trivial to upgrade for we techies, but it is not the case for most of them.

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