Online ad spend: Small percentage of total US political ad spend

Indian politicians were awed by Obama’s online Presidential campaign but here are some details of their upcoming mid-term polls,

  • Total ad spend will be $4.2b
  • Online ad spend will be a mere 1%, approx $42m
  • 25% increase in the online advertising budget for campaigns compared to the last major political round in 2008
  • Online campaigning has matured beyond webpage placeholders and email blasts
  • For gubernatorial (governor) elections candidates spent about $100,000 on search ads
  • Facebook is very much part of the online ad campaign. Budget depends upon the size of the population of the state
  • The killer medium is still ’email blast’

Indian politicians could use the tips given in the article for a carrying a successful online campaign,

  • Tagging
  • Google bomg
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Display ads
  • Twitter

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