Smartphones increasing time taken to finish a meal in restaurants

I came across an interesting research findings in a book on Small Data. It talks about how the time taken to finish a meal has increased in restaurants as customers are busy with their smartphones (Facebook, Whatsapp). I am not surprised with these … [Continue reading]

Digital India: What India’s Open Data Program could learn from

The importance of Data is growing not just in private sector but also in the Government.  Data can help in decision making. In fact, Data not only helps the citizens but the governments too can benefit by taking better informed decisions. Let us … [Continue reading]

Twitter bots influencing voters during elections

Last November we heard a lot about 'fake news' during US elections. Twitter Bots could have played a role, and it appears both political parties used Bots but one party won this bot war. … [Continue reading]

How a simple idea could increase property tax collection in Bangalore

Few days ago we all read about how low the property tax collection rate was in Bangalore. A mere 20% pay their property tax in Bengaluru. Unacceptable for a city like Bengaluru. … [Continue reading]

Smartphones in use, moving from 2.5 billion to 5 billion

Highlights from this interesting presentation by Benedict Evans about what changes we could see with the increase of the number of smartphones around the world, … [Continue reading]