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What is 3G? Does India need it?

Current WAP speed in India is nothing great but it has improved. I understand from my friends who are experts in telecom that you cannot improve the speed performance of WAP any further on a GSM network (which is 2G). I am told only 3G can improve things. So what is 3G?

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What does allocation of spectrum for telcos really mean?

These days you read a lot about telcos having a war with the Government about allocation of spectrum. So what does it actually mean?

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Will the Mobile replace the PC in India?

India is in the midst of a mobile revolution. Every month India signs up 8.5 million new mobile users. No wonder all foreign telcos are drooling.

It is safe to assume every internet-PC user has a mobile. About 31 million mobile users are accessing the internet from their handset. These days you get to hear about the 4th Screen, i.e. the mobile replacing the PC. (Mobiles are referred to as the 4th Screen after the Silver Screen, TV, and PC) I have never believed in that theory. I believe they will co-exist and there is a need for both devices to access the internet.

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IPTV in India

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) delivers television programming to households via a broadband connection using Internet protocols. It is in digital format, hence all analog TVs require a IPTV set-top box. IPTV is typically bundled with other services like Video on Demand (VOD), voice over IP (VOIP) or digital phone, and Web access, collectively referred to as Triple Play.

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