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The Indian mobile user base is growing at a very impressive rate.

Few basics,

  • All latest Handsets “manufactured for” India have atleast 2 local languages enabled
  • Number of wireless subscribers has reached 217.14 million (Oct 2007)
  • Number of wireless subscribers being added every month is around 8 million
  • Opportunities in the Tier II cities are huge
  • Mobile VAS services estimated to touch USD 926 mn at the end of 2007 (SMS, Ringtones/CRBT, Voice VAS will continue to be the highest revenue generating services – TRAI)

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Happy Republic Day..

While we were growing up as kids, I never recall we wishing each other “Happy Republic Day” or “Happy Independence Day”. It is very good to see the euphoria of these two holidays. Since morning there have been so many emails wishing everyone a “Happy Republic Day”.

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Kudos to Govt, they were quick in awarding Tendulkar

Recently British Prime Minister Gordon Brown [Video] suggested that Sachin Tendulkar might soon be honoured with knighthood, making him the first Indian player to receive the title. That very night all TV channels went gungho about calling India’s favorite cricketer “Sir Sachin Tendulkar”. One of the topics of discussion was “Should India award its civilian awards to foreigners?” It was interesting to see what a British journalist had to say. He doubted if any of our Padmashree awards would have any value in UK. At the same time he said very few Britishers cared about the “Sir” title. Most Indians were not in favor of the govt waiving the import duty on his Ferrari car, he could easily afford to pay the tax.

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Hindu Gods bitten by telecom revolution in India

Yesterday I was reading about Bill Clinton running for President in 2008. The banner on that page decide – funny/ok/offending/tasteless.

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Has blogging arrived in India?

I was notified by Kamla Bhatt about a program being aired on NDTV’s “We The People”, the topic was “Should Blogs Be Regulated?” [Video]. I must admit it was a total let down 🙁

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