When will students study without any tension from Govt?

I think it is the worst time to be a student in Karnataka. The government has been going after schools that are not teaching Kannada. Frankly, the problem itself is not clear. Sometimes I get a feeling the govt is insisting the medium of education should be Kannada but when you read few articles I feel the govt is insisting on Kannada being taught as a language.

Education today is a fantastic business to be in. It is a “cash cow”. Ever heard of any politician owning a primary school in a village? Nah. All enterprising politicians have their own Engineering & Medical schools. But they could be a little short sighted. If the schools in the state don’t produce English speaking students how can they be enrolled in the Engg/Medical schools owned by them?

The govt ought to figure this puzzle out. Make sure the students are educated such that they can stand on their own feet AND not loose their valuable “vote bank” (which is all they care about).

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